Breaking Through

Free eCourse by Carol Talbot
(10 video lessons in five parts)

Do you feel you’ve hit a block or barrier in your life? Does it sometimes feel like you’re just going around in circles?

My name is Carol Talbot. I’m a Master Trainer of NLP (neuro linguistic programming), that also includes Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis, author of the book,  Breaking Through, the title of this video series, and Amazon international best-seller, YOU the Divine Genius.  

I’m really excited about BREAKING THROUGH, because I’ve been through blocks and barriers too and in this program I’m going to share with you the mindset, as well as the tools and techniques that got me through the tough times and enabled me to take quantum leaps forward in all areas of my life…. these are the same tools and techniques that have helped the thousands of people who have already been through my transformational programs.

The good news is that you already have all the resources within you to be successful so I’m going to share with you how to:

  • tap into your creativity
  • discover new ways forward
  • create space for new opportunities
  • find your hot buttons for success

….and lots, lots more so you get what you really want in life.

The program comprises of 5 parts, 10 short videos and an audio file to complete the exercise to go with each video. So sharpen your pencil because I’m going to be sharing lots of information that I know you’ll want to write down so you can use it immediately.

And finally, I’d like to encourage you to be open minded, open hearted and ready to have some fun as you discover what treasures lie inside of you.

So join me NOW for Breaking through.

“Carol Talbot is certainly a Master Trainer on the NLP Master Practitioner course.  She’ll change your LIFE and it is the course that makes the difference!!” — Alma Griffiths

“Thank you for the most amazing experience you gave us in this program, and for pushing me to go where I’ve never been, and where I needed to go…..and breakthrough! It has been one of the most enlightening moments in my life!” —Tamara Hassan

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